Avaya Admin User Tutorials

Avaya Equipment User Videos

Northland has created a series of brief videos to help customers best leverage their IP Office. If you need additional help after reviewing these videos, please contact us.


Add names to an end user’s Personal Directory
How to add names to the System Directory
Add internal or external phone numbers into the Do Not Disturb exception list
Review the process to apply pre-configured user rights to a new or existing user. User Rights are most likely pre-defined when your system is initially installed.
Review the process to change, add or delete new buttons on a user telephone.
Review the various types of call forwarding features, when to use them and how to program.
Change or set a new “Hot Desk” code for a system user.
How to configure voicemail to email for a user.
Change the various application passwords such as one-X Portal, Communicator, etc.
Change or update a username
Change or reset a user voicemail password
Learn about the various options for the twinning and mobility features of the IP Office
Remove users and groups from the System Directory. Excluded names will not appear in telephone directory and will not be available for “dial by name”
Log into the Avaya IP Office. You must know your log in information provided by the System Administrator or Northland Communications.
How to complete the move or swap of an IP Phone extension on 16XX and 96XX model phones.
Part I explains the “system programming” entries required when moving digital extensions
Part II explains the entries that need to be made on the “physical” telephone to complete the process of moving digital extensions