Fax in the Future.

Seamless cloud-based fax solution, available wherever you are.


Manage a fax from your desktop or mobile device, as simply as an email.

No dialing, machines, or capital expenses are required. Control your company’s fax needs with a low monthly fee, customized with flexibility by each user.

Can I switch my current business fax number over to a new cloud system? 
Yes, Northland can easily port your current business fax number.

What if we need to change our faxing needs? 
You can increase or decrease your Cloud Fax package at any time, for any user.

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Cloud Fax System Options:


Usage per month:
500 pages in/out

$12.99 mo/user
$10.99 – 1 yr. contract


Usage per month:
1000 pages in/out

$19.99/mo 2 users
$15.99 – 1 yr. contract


Usage per month:
5000 pages in/out

$44.99/mo 5 users
$34.99 – 1 yr. contract




Advance to the future. Do more with Cloud Fax.

Take control of your business and allow your employees to send and receive fax anywhere.
Reduce and eliminate expenses for materials, paper, toner, and machine maintenance.
Users can digitally create customized cover sheets send, receive, store and manage faxes securely.

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