Colocation Services

Secure colocation services protect your network equipment

Our secure colocation centers safely store your company’s equipment and securely maintains its data. This is perfect for companies who do not want to build and maintain datacenter environments, need high amounts of bandwidth and that want a backup location for their datacenter. Northland’s data centers are located in Syracuse & Utica for local convenience and provide features such as secure rack space, power, cooling, internet bandwidth, security and monitoring. Let our experienced engineers work with your team to design and implement a colocation solution. Explore how Northland’s regional fiber network and extensive network connectivity options can establish a powerful data center accessible through the internet, VPN or private MPLS connections.

Colocation Services Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Infrastructure Northland’s datacenters are built to high standards that meet the needs of network and computing hardware. Our facilities include conditioned power, cooling (HVAC), generators, security systems, environmental monitoring and many other capabilities
Redundant High Capacity Internet Bandwidth Multiple connections from redundant Internet providers ensure high availability. Bandwidth can be quickly added to a virtual colocation environment at reduced costs compared to delivering services to a business location
Private Network Access Customers that colocate in Northland’s facilities have extensive options for network access. In addition to providing voice and internet services to your business, Northland can efficiently provide private connectivity to a colocation environment using an existing Northland network connection for voice, MPLS or internet service
Support/Experience Northland has extensive experience planning, building and managing datacenters. Our expert staff can provide recommendations on all physical, electrical, networking and security aspects for your hardware. Our staff is available 24/7/365 to assist with any aspect of your colocation needs
Hybrid Virtual Colocation Northland’s also has expertise with virtual colocation in a VMWare environment
If any of these apply to you, we can help. Connect with a network engineer.
Problem Solution
If your business is outgrowing existing space for data center Consider Northland colocation to provide space for all or some of your data center needs
If you don’t have a disaster plan for when your datacenter has a major catastrophe Consider colocation (or virtual colocation) as a backup plan to keep your systems running during an emergency
If you have an application that needs a lot of bandwidth Consider colocation. You can have redundant high capacity bandwidth in an ideal environment for less cost than hosting at your own location
If your datacenter doesn’t have good controls like air conditioning, security, redundant power Consider colocation. Northland provides redundant power with backup, cooling, fire suppression, water detection and other features that are ideal for sensitive electronics

Virtual Colocation Technical Info: 

Specification Description
Location Options Syracuse or Utica
Power Options 120V/220V AC, 48V DC
UPS Available Yes
Generator Yes
Air Conditioning Yes
Racking Options Single Rack Units, Half or Full Cabinets, Relay Racks
Fire Suppression Yes
Security System Yes
Controlled Access Yes
24/7 Escorted Access Yes. After hour charges may apply.
Surveillance video camera with DVR  Yes
Internet Bandwidth Up to 1Gbps
MPLS Connectivity Yes
Hybrid Options with Virtual Servers Yes