Virtual Servers

Virtual Server Providers You Can Trust

Our private virtual servers can replace or enhance your current physical servers, adding new IT capabilities on demand. The easy to use interface automatically installs and manages your own servers on Northland’s powerful cloud infrastructure. Our ready to go systems allow customers to run their own business applications such as file servers, email servers, web servers or backup systems. Additional benefits include:

  • Fast deployment of “Quick Boot Appliances” including Linux, Windows and WordPress
  • Upgrade servers with more capacity on demand
  • Firewall with Management interface
  • Server Management Panel 

Our local staff has over 15 years of experience and are experts at planning, implementing and managing virtual servers. By making the switch you can expect to see: Cost Savings

  • Reduced cost to build and maintain infrastructure
  • Lower costs for utilities for power and cooling
  • Potential reduction in cost for operating systems

Increased IT Agility

  • Quickly deploy and upgrade servers
  • Take servers offline when they are no longer needed

Enhanced Features

  • Potential to improve security
  • Improve application performance
  • Firewall and VPN services included

Start reaping these benefits today and switch over to Northland’s virtual server offering!

Virtual Servers Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Infrastructure Northland’s datacenters are built to high standards that meet the needs of network and computing hardware. Our facilities include conditioned power, cooling (HVAC), generators, security systems, environmental monitoring and many other capabilities
Redundant High Capacity Internet Bandwidth Multiple connections from redundant Internet providers ensure high availability. Bandwidth can be quickly added to a colocation environment at a reduced costs compared to delivering services to a business location
Private Network Access Customer’s that colocate in Northland’s facilities have extensive options for network access. In addition to providing voice and internet services to your business, Northland can efficiently provide private connectivity to a colocation environment using an existing Northland network connection for voice, MPLS or internet service
Support / Experience Northland has extensive experience planning, building and managing datacenters. Our expert staff can provide recommendations on all physical, electrical, networking and security aspects for your hardware. Our staff is available 24/7/365 to assist with any aspect of your colocation needs

Technical Info:

Specification Description
Location Syracuse or Utica
Hypervisor Architecture VMWare
Supported Operating Systems Linux and Windows
Cloud Management Platform Citrix Cloudstack
Firewall/VPN Included
Types of deployments Single Server or Virtual Data Center
Control Panel Includes remote console, server on/off/reboot, firewall configuration and upgrade/downgrade RAM/CPU/Disk.
Internet Bandwidth Up to 1Gbps
MPLS Connectivity Yes
Hybrid Options with Rack-IT Colocation Yes

Northland is Central New York’s most trusted virtual server provider. Our VP hosting services are second to none throughout the area, thanks to our dedicated network and local customer service team.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business: 315-624-2216.