Construction and Cabling

Network & Internet Cable Installation

Northland Communications has been a trusted source for inside and outside construction cabling throughout Central New York for over 110 years. Our network and cabling technicians have experience with the lines, providing a more reliable, effective, and timely service than national competitors. 

Network and internet cable installation is a value-added service that puts Northland ahead of our competition. We don’t simply sell products and services – instead, our team ensures your connection is correct. A motto of ours is “you only go up the pole once.” Our cabling installation is done right – the first time!

See how we can set up your business today at an affordable rate and in a timely manner. Need a custom solution? No problem. Connect with a network engineer and see why Northland Communications is the go-to fiber supplier and installer across Central New York. 

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  • Outside Plant

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