Inside Network Cabling Installation

Nearly 30 years of in-building voice and data wire installation

Growing businesses often need increased bandwidth speeds in order to keep up with their expanding customer base. Slow applications, programs and systems can be improved through efficient cabling. Northland has the telecom experience your company needs – and deserves – when it comes to inside cabling.

Network Cabling Installation Process

Installing the cables is just one step of Northland’s process. Our team of highly skilled wiring specialists works with you every step of the way, including designing and planning a layout beforehand. Northland doesn’t stop serving our customers after the network cabling installation; we perform testing and ongoing service for all of the buildings we set up. Our local presence ensures a timely response to any issue that may arise.

Northland follows strict installation and testing guidelines. Regardless of building size or complexity, we can perform the wiring installation you need to succeed. We can even work outside standard business times in a way to minimize distraction and disruption at your busy company. Whether you’re moving to a new building or simply renovating your current space, Northland completes all work in-house without subcontracting or outsourcing.  

Bundle It Up

With all the products and services Northland offers across its reliable and secure fiber network, it only makes sense to have us install the cables. Our team has extreme familiarity with our products and how they integrate with your applications. Allow us to connect your business with ours in the most efficient and effective way possible. Northland also offers ethernet cable installation services for businesses across Central New York. 

If you have either of the problems below, it’s time to switch to Northland.

Problem Solution
Slow applications Upgrade from your current 100mB cat5 wiring to new cat6+ wiring infrastructure providing gigabit data speeds to the desktop
Slow network speeds between floors or data closets Upgrade your current distribution wiring to multi-mode 10G fiber

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