Dark Fiber Services

Trust Northland, CNY's Top-Rated Dark Fiber Provider

Northland Communications offers dark fiber services specifically to telecommunication carriers and large businesses that have high bandwidth needs as well as the ability to manage their own networks.  What differentiates us from the rest is that we own and maintain our local fiber network. We recognize how important it is for our customers to have a highly reliable and fast connection so they can do their jobs efficiently without interruption. To Northland, dark fiber is what connects us all together and is in everything we do.

Available throughout the Central New York region, we are excited to continue expanding our dark fiber network to keep servicing hundreds of the key business locations including many underserved areas. For over 110 years Northland has proudly served the CNY community and has been a leading telecommunications provider to many businesses and other telecom carriers. We’ve continued to grow our businesses year after year through our commitment to excellent customer service, expertise, and dedication to providing the best products and services in the area.  

Our experienced team of local technicians provides end-to-end solutions for carriers. After installation, we keep a constant watch on our network to ensure optimal results regardless of how big or small your business or network needs may be. No matter if you’re looking to lease or own, Northland will help customize a dark fiber solution that keeps your customers connected.

Key Features and Benefits of Northland’s Dark Fiber Services:

  • Northland has extensive experience with every step, from design, to the permit process and through construction and testing
  • In many areas, our network follows routes that are diverse from most other providers, especially our route along Route 5 between Syracuse and Utica
  • Our experienced service teams are located in Central New York and are committed to the fastest response times possible
  • Working with Northland is easy. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to solve problems and our rigorous determination to get it done on time, every time, to your schedule

Contact a Northland wholesale network engineer today to discuss how we can become your dark fiber services provider.