TDM Services

Transmission technology that delivers superior voice and data solutions

TDM Services & TDM Network

Our TDM network and services provide voice and/or data capabilities over traditional T1 lines to telephone systems and data equipment.

What sets us apart are the unique experiences with TDM services our team has encountered over the years in addition to the modern transmission technologies we utilize. This enables our talented team to fully understand any existing service and all potential options to provide you the best options for your business. Don’t believe us? See what some of our customers have to say about working with Northland

The Northland Advantage

  • Our technical experience with T1 TDM transmission technology dates back to the 1960s when the technology was first developed
  • We leverage this experience to understand any TDM network-based configuration and make technical recommendations to extend or replace existing TDM services.
  • Custom design and implementation

Services and capabilities include:

  • Voice over PRI or channelized T1
  • Point to point data over T1/DS3
  • Internet or MPLS over T1
  • T1 Add/Drop Multiplexing (Splitting services over TDM channels)  
  • Documenting existing telephony services based on T1 prior to a conversion to a new service

Need more technical information? Contact one of our network engineers.