Wireless Backhaul

Flexible, high performance and reliable end-to-end service

Mobile or wireless backhaul can be a perfect solution for cellular network and service providers with a need for additional bandwidth and dedicated connections. Wireless backhaul provides dedicated Ethernet or dark fiber services from the cellular tower to a provider’s mobile switching center (MSC).

As wireless communications and data usage from smartphones and air cards grow, so do the demands of having a strong, reliable network. As the demand increases, Northland can support it through its wireless backhaul service for voice and data providers.

The Northland Advantage:

  • End-to-end fiber optic network
  • Ability to increase bandwidth in days, not weeks or months
  • Unlimited bandwidth with dark fiber options
  • Solutions customized to provide the speed and features right for your situation
  • Local Northland construction teams and wireless backhaul equipment provide quicker response to issues
  • Ability to manage projects and service your account locally

Wireless backhaul solutions recommended for:

  • Tower operators looking to provide high-speed bandwidth options to their customers
  • Cellular service providers
  • Emergency services providers with communication towers

At Northland, we look forward to growing our fiber network as your network needs continue to grow too. Our dark fiber allows bandwidth to increase over time without changing the monthly pricing helping you keep the cost of your private network to a minimum. Let us be your gateway to the Central NY region.

Feature Benefits
Flexibility Provides flexibility in choosing the speeds and features for data connectivity to tower sites
Fast Deployment Depending on location, Northland can establish a connection in 90 days and sometimes sooner
Reliability Northland has local construction crews that quickly respond to issues and in many locations can provide multiple paths for redundancy.
Performance Practically unlimited bandwidth potential based on the technology the customer selects.

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