Avaya Phone Systems

Northland has been an Avaya Silver Partner for over 40 years – and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Our skilled technicians are Avaya trained and have experience working with Avaya phone systems. Whether you need a new business phone system or service on your current system, Central New York businesses can trust Northland.

  • IP Office

    The Avaya IP Office phone system is flexible enough to fit any customer’s needs. Whether your…

  • Avaya Phone Sets

    Custom and affordable. That’s what Northland offers when it comes to Avaya phone sets. No matter…

  • Service and Support

    Northland believes even the best product or offering is worthless if support is non-existent. Luckily for…

  • Avaya Unified Communications

    Our Unified Communications service allows you to communicate with anyone, anytime and anywhere – with the…

  • Call Center Applications

    Northland offers call center functionality through the Avaya IP Office system. This enables companies to route…

On-the-Go Connection

Avaya phone systems give your employees the ability to stay connected no matter where they are – in the office, on the road, at home and more. Avaya offers features like call forwarding, mobile twinning, phone conferencing and more to ensure your business never misses a call.

Scalable Network

We understand that your goal is to grow your business. Your business phone system should help you achieve that goal, not deter you from it. Northland offers Avaya phone systems that are scalable – meaning your system will not restrict you from growth. It will grow with your business, allowing you to drive more sales and revenue.

Installation and Service

Northland technicians are extremely familiar with both Avaya phone system hardware and software. Not only do we install the physical equipment, but we also provide software service and support. This ensures your equipment is running the safest, most efficient programs.

Small Business Phone Systems

Northland, as an Avaya phone system Silver Partner, has the ability to customize options for small businesses. You’ll only pay for the features and benefits you need – and nothing more! Trust Northland, a local Central New York telecommunications service provider, with your small business phone system.

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