Business Lines

Affordable and flexible business phone service for businesses of all sizes

Our reliable business phone services are recommended for all businesses that value simple communications and require traditional copper telephone lines. At Northland, there’s no need to worry about transfers or changing your business number with local portability. Our network uses state-of-the-art fiber optics and easily integrates with other phone systems. With flexible billing options, this is perfect for small to midsized businesses. We also can provide a full solution with a complete Avaya IPO phone system, eliminating the need for multiple vendors. Installation and support are provided by local technicians and monitored 24/7 by our local network operations center.

Business Phone Service Features & Benefits 

Feature Benefit
Caller ID Available with or without name delivery, caller ID lets the end user see who is calling before they answer the call
Call Forwarding Multiple variations that provide the end user to forward calls
Hunt Groups Allows calls to “rollover” to available lines to ensure all calls are handled without delay
Voicemail Continue to be accessible to your customers when you’re out of the office
We have been providing telecom services to Central New York since 1905. Our local team of technicians will install and maintain your business line, as well as provide full support whenever needed.

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