Business Simple Phone + Fiber Internet Bundle

Northland’s Business Simple Bundle is the ultimate phone and Internet solution for small to medium-sized businesses in Central New York. Unlike other consumer-grade Internet options, our carrier-grade bandwidth is dedicated to your business. Dedicated fiber Internet is the industry standard for delivering the fastest and most reliable connections possible and we offer a range of bandwidth speeds to match the pace of your business. 

+ 100/25M      + 250/50M      + 500/75M

Power your business communications by pairing our fast fiber Internet with advanced features like unlimited domestic calling, caller ID with name, call forwarding and Cloud Fax—all backed by Northland’s local team of experts!

Making the switch is easy and seamlessyou can even keep your existing phone numbers! Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your needs are met and your telecommunications are more powerful than ever.


Unlimited Local + Domestic Calling Eliminate monthly bills that vary based on calling patterns, always pay one low rate for lines and nothing for usage.
Caller ID Available with or without name delivery, caller ID lets the end user see who is calling before the answer the call.
Call Forwarding Allows you to redirect incoming calls to another telephone number. 
Cloud Fax Fax in the future! Manage your faxes from your computer or mobile device and keep your current fax number!



Wi-Fi + Basic Firewall All features above, plus firewall protection, WiFi, and 1 IP address.
Wi-Fi + Advanced Firewall All features above, plus firewall protection, WiFi, and capability for multiple IP addresses.

Get more information: 315-624-2216.

*Speeds over WiFi may vary. Factors that could impact your wireless connection include but are not limited to: building construction, distance from your wireless access point, the equipment you’re using to access your WiFi and the number of devices connected to it.