PRI/T1 Phone Service

Efficient PRI phone systems that save costs

Recommended for businesses with sophisticated phone systems, Northland’s PRI/T1 phone service provides service to calls through an ISDN interface. This eliminates the need for individually dedicated phone lines and the recurring fees the come with them! Through our dedicated and consolidated digital circuits, we’ll provide local dial tone and long distance digital services that:

  • Consolidate all local long distance services onto a single circuit to a more cost-effective solution eliminating the need for individual dedicated telephone lines
  • Consolidate faxes onto shared circuit
  • Provide access to additional functionality via the phone system
  • Optional configuration
    • 2-way Inbound/Outbound calling
    • Inbound only
    • Outbound only
    • Dedicated long distance only
    • Dedicated Toll-Free

PRI Phone System / T1 Service Features & Benefits: 

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Provides ability to have dedicated telephone numbers for users.  Total number of telephone numbers can exceed the number of available lines/channels
Caller ID Available with or without name delivery, caller ID lets the end user see who is calling before they answer the call
Unlimited Calling Plans Streamlined billing options by providing fixed monthly charges regardless of the additional usage
Fractional ISDN PRI/T1 Receive the same added value features of the ISDN PRI/T1 services without committing to the standard 24 channels
D-Channel Back-up Provides redundancy for users with multiple ISDN PRI services
Northland has local response teams experienced in servicing T1 Service and PRI phone systems. This eliminates the need for multiple vendors, saving your company money. Our flexible price options also tailor to your business needs – boasting simplistic calling plans and various flat-rate options without compromising quality.

Recommended for businesses with:

  • Sophisticated phone systems that can provide advanced features such as Caller ID with Name, unified communications or fax consolidation
  • Businesses with the need to provide each employee with direct private numbers
  • Businesses with the need to minimize monthly phone service

Technical Info 

  • ISDN PRI is delivered using a standard T-1 service
  • Standard configuration is 24 channels, 23 Bearer (B-Channels) and 1 Data Channel (D-Channel)
  • Each Bearer channel has the ability to provide a voice conversation
  • Each data channel provides signaling for call set up functions
Problem Solution
Multiple dedicated fax or analog lines are costly ISDN PRI/T1 services give the end user the ability to consolidate all fax and analog lines on the same circuit without paying any monthly recurring charges for dedicated fax lines
Limited feature compatibility with current service and phone system Many phone systems can provide enhanced features such as unified messaging but are not compatible with standard phone lines. ISDN PRI provides a strong integration to extend those features to the end user
Lines dedicated for multiple communications uses such as inbound hunt groups, outbound calling, dedicated long distance and toll-free services are inefficient and costly Dynamic channel allocation allows end users the ability to scale back the total number of lines and still provide the same functionality saving money over dedicated lines

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